James Madison University
Case Study

Strategic Marketing

The Client

James Madison Professional & Continuing Education

Who is PCE?

James Madison University offers a diverse range of programs from credit to continuing ed, for everyone from children to seniors – but had its eye on a single objective: growth.

From CPE’s Website:

“Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) serves traditional and non-traditional students, offering access to higher education and support in the community.”

The Challenges

James Madison University (JMU)’s Continuing and Professional Engagement group needed a new marketing manager. But before that, it needed a marketing strategy for that new manager to actually manage.

The approach currently in place by the JMU team was less of a strategy and more of a bucket of funds that were used on an as-needed basis. Without any kind of central oversight each program area was working in a reactionary fashion, dipping from the bucket as they saw fit and without the funds being tied to any specific objectives.

In the client’s own words:

“SpurCG was so easy to work with, communicating so well, explaining the rationale and laying out a plan to move us forward. And we were always challenged to look at things differently. Plus, having them on our team means we’ve benefitted from significant knowledge (i.e. CRMs) that were outside the scope of our project. That makes them a priceless asset and well worth the investment.”

Shonta Sellers, Communications & Marketing Manager at PCE

Find out how SpurCG helped CPE position itself to meet the needs of a diverse and changing region.

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