The STEER Model

We are researchers.

We are design thinkers.

We are agile in all our work.

We believe in data-backed solutions coming from research and design thinking so much that we developed our own design thinking model for Continuing Education called STEER.


The Steer Model

Spur’s methodology is centered on answering your questions and solving your problems. All aspects of our projects begin in Discovery and then move through our design cycle. In the diagram to the right, click on each word, beginning with 'Synthesis,’' to see the model in action after our initial Discovery phase.


In Synthesis, we take the insights we’ve gathered from our discovery and information gathering process and begin to identify trends and themes that will inform our proposed strategies. As we progress, we merge all of our ideas and thoughts in order to frame the question and/or problem as accurately as possible.
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With a clear question and/or problem identified, and information synthesized, we begin to designing a specific Track that will take us step by step through the remainder of the process. Think of it as a roadmap or blueprint. Your Track may adjust as new information is identified and synthesized.
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This is where the “real” work begins and where tangible steps toward your outcome will be carried out. And through it all, we stay organized and in constant communication with you about what's been done and what comes next.
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We don't wait until the end of a project to determine what's working. We're constantly monitoring our progress to ensure accuracy and alignment to the outcomes we agreed upon.
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In this final stage, we review all the steps of project and present the final results to you and your team. This will include answers to questions, future recommendations, and the next steps for you to take (if the project requires).