Our Antiracist Commitment

Our Antiracist Commitment

Like many of you, we have been living through this moment in history filled with outrage and grief for our fellow Black Americans and communities of color who have been subjected to racial violence and injustice. It’s far from a new problem — as old as our nation itself — but the events of this year have made it more important than ever to speak our minds plainly:

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter in our neighborhoods. Black lives matter in our workplaces. Black lives matter in the classroom. Black lives matter everywhere.

When we started Spur CG, we made it our mission to shape transformative experiences in education. “As the world of education changes, so do we,” we wrote on our website.

But maybe we had it backwards — it’s become increasingly clear that it’s up to us to shape the world we want to be a part of. Because today, it hasn’t been enough. Racism is still a major factor in educational disparities in our country.

  • Black graduates are twice as likely to be unemployed as their white counterparts, even if they graduated with high-demand degrees.
  • Compared with white students, black and Hispanic graduates are far more likely to have attended for-profit colleges and less likely to have attended four-year public or nonprofit institutions.
  • A recent study found that college professors, spanning race and gender, respond more consistently to questions and requests from students with “white sounding” names.

The system today is broken. Being committed to higher education means being committed to dismantling racism.

We want to do more than say “Black Lives Matter.” We want to actualize it.

For all these reasons and many more, we’ve partnered with The Kaleidoscope Group to bring essential diversity, equity and inclusion services through SpurCG. This is a team we know well, and is a top-10, national diversity, equity and inclusion firm. For those of you looking to begin or continue doing the work at your institution, we wanted to make things easier for you by helping you identify the expert knowledge and resources you need.

The Kaleidoscope Group provides multidimensional, sustained professional learning experiences for administrators, teachers, counselors and staff members across all racial and ethnic groups – resources we believe our higher education partners need to thrive and grow for this moment and in the future. We want to make today’s moment into tomorrow’s meaning, creating transformational change in your organization.

100% of proceeds SpurCG earns from this agreement will go to organizations that are doing the essential work necessary to end systemic racism, economic inequality, and the unjust experiences of Black Americans.

Those of you who have worked with us know that we’re an outcome-driven company. We tell our clients they’re only as good as the work they put forward, and we hold ourselves to the same standards. Words fall flat if they’re not backed up by action.

So here’s our intentional commitment for the future:

  • Within the next 3 months, we’ll be introducing new training with The Kaleidoscope Group to expand educational opportunities, address discrimination, implement policies and incentives that encourage diversity and create more growth in underdeveloped areas within continuing education. This training will be tailored to institutions of higher education.
  • We’ve committed to the 15 Percent Pledge, and will utilize products and services from black-owned businesses for at least 15% of spending in our own company.
  • We have committed to offering historically black colleges a fee reduction on all of our self-service and consulting services.

This is far from over. We need to keep listening. We need to sit with the uncomfortable notion that we haven’t done enough to help. As two white males, we were afforded many opportunities that many others did not, and still do not, get. We want to be a part of removing those barriers, and we believe our clients want to do the same.

Our voices are small individually, but if all those individual voices continue to come together, change will come.

With love, respect and solidarity to all,