Case Studies

The good, the bad, and the downright impressive collaborations. We bring to you the work we have done in CG for you to get a closer look at our solutions, how we work, and what other leaders like you are saying about our work together.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech

Things at Virginia Tech could have been better. Process inefficiency was a problem, with too much repetitive action, needless double checking and, ultimately, wasted time.

And it wasn’t Virginia Tech’s fault – they were generating nearly $10 million in revenue per year through solely word-of-mouth marketing – and this is without any non-credit, open enrollment programming.

Yet, you got a sense the organization had grown too fast, too soon, without a cohesive strategy in place. As a result, Virginia Tech’s internal processes felt a bit patched together, with new and old elements jumbled.
We helped Professional and Continuing Education at James Madison University build outcomes based marketing plans that align marketing effort with achievable outcomes that will meet enrollment goals.

James Madison University

James Madison University (JMU)’s Continuing and Professional Engagement group needed a new marketing manager. But before that, it needed a marketing strategy for that new manager to actually manage. The approach currently in place by the JMU team was less of a strategy and more of a bucket of funds that were used on an as-needed basis. Without any kind of central oversight each program area was working in a reactionary fashion, dipping from the bucket as they saw fit and without the funds being tied to any specific objectives.