Making Career Services a Prominent Resource on your Campus

Making Career Services a Prominent Resource on your Campus

✅ We’re falling short in looking at the whole student.

✅ The best career center setup? Think Montessori school.

✅ Students should look at the career center as their partner in achieving their goals throughout their lifelong educational journey.

✅ Internships aren’t what they used to be so let’s update the model.

Our career service centers our failing our students. It’s a hard truth that we have to face, but it isn’t the total fault of the career center.

In episode 5 this season, I talk to Dr. Carey Monroe who is a former VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing, with an expertise and passion in career services. Carey’s love of helping the student is evident in how she talks about their educational journey.

Join us and listen to Carey tell us about how we need to setup up a career service center at your institution to make sure your students have the support they need while they are in school and when they want to come back.

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